The National Watercolor Society is one of the oldest non-profit artist-led societies in the United States.  Our mission - encouraging innovation in watermedia through education, outreach, and exhibitions - promote the advancement of watermedia and inspire the next generation of watermedia artists.  Be sure to check out the EXHIBITIONS and VIDEO Tabs. 

The 2019 International Open Exhibition

Call for Entry is now open! 

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Artwork by Richard Tie-in Chao, "An Old Sikh Man"

Congratulations to the accepted artists for the 

2019 NWS Members Exhibition!

Exhibition Dates: April 4 - June 23, 2019

NWS Gallery, 915 E Pacific St., San Pedro, CA 90732


Deena Altman
Rick Anderson
Joanna Barnum
Robin Becic
Alexandra Becker-Black
Judi Betts
Matthew Bird
Sagnik Biswas
Denny Bond
Beverly Boren
Cindy Brabec- King
Barbara Brennan
Carol Brody
Patrice Cameron
Larry Cannon
Stuart Cantor
Richard Tiejun Chao
Yong Chen
Lei Chi
Janice Cipriani
Deborah Conn
Carl Dalio
Kelly Eddington
Amid el Haddad
Kathy Elliot
Andy Evansen
James Fiorentino
Ryan Fox
Janice Garrett
Jean Gill
Rachael Grimm
Kristi Grussendorf
Xi Guo
Scott Hartman
Elaine Harvey
Karen Heidler
Michael Holter
Robert Jeffery 
Bev Jozwiak
Ken Karlic

Cheang Jin Khoo
Karen Knutson
Tia Kratter
Lynne Kroll
Yan Liang
Marilyn Liedman
Fealing Lin
Carolyn Lord
Ariket Mahale
Anne McCartney
Geoffrey McCormack
Dan McCrary
Mark McDermott
Maribeth McFaul
Sherry Meidell
Dean Mitchell
Susan Montague
Nancy Mysak
Woon Lam Ng
Georgios Politis
David Rankin
Max Robinson
Steve Rothert
Charles Rouse
Thomas Schaller
Doug Shoemaker
Tuva Stephens
Ron Stocke
Eileen Sudzina
Jiangang Sun
Brenda Swenson
Keiko Tanabe
Phyllis Tseng
Robert Wardle
Gale Webb
Lynn Welker
Bao Gong Zhou

All of the awards are given by NWS in honor of our past presidents.  

They are as follows:

$500  Rick Anderson - Nancy Livesay Award, President 1986

$500  Anne McCartney- Arthur Levy Kaye Award, President  1985

$500  Denny Bond- Lee Wexler Award - President 1987

$500  Alexandra Becker-Black- Linda A. Doll Award President 1984, 2012-2014

$1000  Xi Guo- Meg Huntingon Cajero Award  President, 1988

$1000   Richard Tejuin Chao- Mary Lind Award  President, 1993

$1000   Keiko Tanabe- George James Award, President 1995

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Carla O'Connor, AWS, NWS

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With an exciting vision and a new appreciation for an old art form, the California Water Color Society was founded in 1920. As the country grew, painters found inspiration in the expansive western lands and were, in their way, pioneers of a new spirit.

The name of the society has changed twice since that time: first in 1967, to California National Watercolor Society; then in 1975, when the members voted to become simply the National Watercolor Society.

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